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Domestic Origination and Termination

Whether you are a carrier or a business with wholesale telecommunications needs, Excel is the right choice for you.

Our Domestic Services Include:


Excel’s nationwide presence allows you to originate and terminate traffic virtually anywhere in the United States. We are ideally configured for services like PIC LD and Toll Free Origination, making it easy to initiate traffic over the Excel network from anywhere


Our ability to deliver service nationally over our FGD network, combined with our IP and Legacy trunking options give you the flexibility and power you need. We run a fully redundant network core of cutting edge soft switches that can easily meet your capacity needs. Wholesale customers also receive great volume based rates based on Excel’s ability to transport voice traffic over our own privately owned network.

Disaster Recovery

Excel’s disaster recovery protocols include off network roll over options to multiple tier 1 domestic carriers. Our routing capability allows us to identify the least cost route.

Connection and Transport

Excel can provide a dedicated connection to either IP or legacy systems, allowing you to originate and terminate voice traffic over our quality network. With connections into nearly every LATA in the US, we have the network reach to transport your domestic voice traffic virtually anywhere, and at better rates.

Robust Network with Flexible Features

Excel uses an IP switch network designed with the same redundancy that was relied upon in legacy networks. With an expertise in SIP, Excel supports methods like SIP referrer and SIP ID, and can run native SIP. Excel, also employs state of the art Acme Packet's Transcoders to enable numerous codec’s including G711u, G711a, G729, H323 and T.38. Learn more about our advanced features.

Better Rates

Excel can offer you better rates than most of our competition because we send voice traffic over our own privately owned facilities based network. As a result, our volume based rate schedules bring you the high quality of Excel at a price that will make you feel good about your bottom line.