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Excel domestic and international voice services allow carriers to connect to a wide-reaching, robust network that millions of users rely on every day. Excel provides coverage to nearly every U.S. LATA, connecting your network to customers throughout the domestic US market.

Domestic Origination and Termination

Excel can originate and terminate calls virtually anywhere in the US leveraging our nationwide FGD network. We can offer you better rates because we can transport the traffic ourselves. Our ability to deliver service nationally, combined with our IP and Legacy trunking options give you the flexibility and power you need.

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With nearly ubiquitous domestic reach, Excel is uniquely positioned to provide PIC LD services within the domestic US. We can get your ANIs set up quickly, and our responsive team of experts is there to keep you rolling!

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Toll Free Origination

Excel’s toll free origination can give you a boost. We offer numbers throughout the US, and can easily import your existing numbers. We can offer you great rates by carrying all the traffic over our private network, and can terminate the calls virtually anywhere. We even offer rate decks with no minimum commitment!

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Excel Outbound voice services enable you to increase revenues and expand your market presence by leveraging our network. Switched outbound with enhanced routing capabilities is a high-quality, long-distance service designed specifically for providers who do not maintain their own switches.

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Excel is partnered with over 300 international carriers and can route your calls almost anywhere in the world. We can also terminate overseas traffic to your location, or anywhere within the US.

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