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High Volume

Excel offers several advantages for businesses generating domestic LD at a wholesale volume.

Our network differentiates us from other providers. We are nationwide, privately owned, feature group D network, using next generation soft switches and hardware.

From a technical perspective, we can integrate with legacy TDM to cutting edge IP PBX. In fact, our network can run native SIP. This gives you a wide array of integration options, and can provide what is needed if you are migrating from TDM to IP PBX.

One of our key differentiators are our virtual voice paths and dynamic bandwidth allocation features, which significantly augment your call volume capabilities, because you are not restricted to a set number of lines. Our service will dynamically create voice paths as bandwidth allows. Because we can tailor bandwidth to meet your needs, Excel’s service is functionally superior while being extremely cost effective.

Our products are structured specifically for you. We provide the point of presence (POP) and you configure to suit. We can originate your calls and run long haul traffic over our network, providing you with great LD rates.

Our skilled agent partners can help customize service and any hardware requirements to meet your needs, whether you need straight service or an entire install with specific hardware requirements.

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