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Enabling IP PBX Features

Excel’s service is running with most IP PBX hardware available today, and with our virtual voice paths, delivers the needed channels to enable features like UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS.

For example, suppose that your IP PBX has a find-me-follow-me feature. An inbound call comes in to the extension at your desk which uses one channel. It then connects to your cell phone using a second line for the outbound connection. Suppose you are running a fixed line service with five lines. The find-me-follow-me feature absorbs 40% of your available voice channels every time it is in use. If this happens during peak hours, along with all the other inbound and outbound voice traffic, it could cause another call to be dropped, or fail to function because no additional voice paths exist to carry the connection.

Excel's service also allows for multi-site installs of IP PBX systems to operate seamlessly with one another, allowing for direct extension dialing, voicemail, and other features that may be provided by your IP PBX hardware.

Because our service delivers voice & data with dynamic bandwidth allocation, the email and chat integrated features of many IP PBX systems can be supported, especially when communication takes place between multiple sites or by on-site or remote employees.